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Project Description


Helping Pilots and ATCOs Regain Their Medical Fitness

The CAA medical department no longer routinely deals directly with pilots who require aviation medicine advice or who have queries relating to medical certification.

All pilots are expected to contact the AME who performed their most recent medical for advice.

Our Sickness Management Service is designed to return pilots to flying and the ATCO to controlling duties in the shortest time possible following illness or injury. It also involves providing timely aeromedical advice when needed. We have a network of medical specialists across the UK who understand the aeromedical requirements of aircrew and ATCOs, and you will be referred quickly to the appropriate specialist.

The medical casework we undertake on your behalf will include timely referrals to specialists, hastening of medical reports, forwarding of reports to the CAA and liaison with the CAA on your behalf. You will be regularly kept informed of the progress of your casework.

Please read our the terms and conditions for using this service.

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