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FAQs and Essential Information

Do I need to be referred to see you? No. You can simply book an appointment when it suits you by booking online or calling the number provided.

I cannot find a suitable appointment online. What are my options? Please call us. We recognise the changeable nature of rosters and we therefore usually reserve a short-notice, same-day appointment which isn’t always visible on the booking system.

Will I get my certificate on the same day? Yes, as long as you pass the medical.

Can I have my EASA medical with you even though I hold a non-UK issued licence? Yes. We are authorised to conduct EASA medicals for all EU member states.

What is medical casework and how much does it cost? Medical casework refers to the medical review, administration and liaison with medical specialists or the CAA. It is the work done behind the scenes to ensure a pilot meets EASA regulations for certification when certification has not been possible at the medical examination. Please see the fees section for costs.

I am Temporarily Unfit (TU) and my medical is due for renewal, can I still renew my medical? It may be possible to renew your medical but your TU is likely to remain until EASA requirements are satisfied. Please call us to discuss your specific case.