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Project Description


Convenient Appointments For All Health Concerns

We can schedule to see you in person at our clinic, inside or outside of normal working hours, assess you by telephone, undertake a doctor visit to your workplace or your home. Our face to face appointments are a minimum of 30 minutes

Prompt Investigations

Where blood tests are required, they are usually performed at the time of the consultation in our clinic and are promptly dispatched for testing. mediciELITE is networked with local laboratories for rapid specimen testing. We also have access to a comprehensive suite of diagnostic facilities including cardiac testing, ultrasound, CT and MRI imaging with rapid turnaround times.

Prompt Referrals

Many conditions can be treated without the need for onward referral. On the occasion where a referral is required, patients will benefit from mediciELITE’s network of experienced and renowned specialists. We are able to arrange onsite physiotherapy and cognitive therapy treatment.

Continuity of Care

At mediciELITE we are committed to supporting you throughout your health journey. You can remain confident that even if you are referred to another healthcare specialist, we will continue to stay in touch to monitor your progress from diagnosis through to successful treatment.

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