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Project Description


Your Obligations

1. You agree to provide on demand a photo ID (passport or UK driving licence) when you attend for a medical or when you apply to use the sickness management service, unless you have previously done so.

2. You will bring your current or last medical certificate with you to your medical.

3. You will bring any relevant reports or medical investigation findings to your medical, unless you have already done so.

4. You understand that the CAA no longer directly deals with pilots who have aeromedical queries but directs them to their AME.

5. You are responsible for the provision of all requested information required to make a decision about your aeromedical fitness. It is neither the responsibility of the investigating/reporting doctor nor of the CAA or mediciELITE to chase these.

6. Where reports from multiple investigations are required, you will submit all of these in one mailing. You agree that incomplete submissions will not be processed.

7. You are responsible for all fees and charges incurred in providing reports or information to mediciELITE or the CAA.

8. You agree that a time limitation may be applied to the validity of your medical certificate when additional information is pending.

9. You agree to pay mediciELITE the applicable fee if you instruct us to undertake medical casework on your behalf. The fees for casework can be found on the Sickness Management Services page of this website. You will also be provided a copy of the fees prior to your instruction to us to perform your casework. Alternatively, you may choose to pay an annual fee of £100 at the time of the medical examination for the provision of all casework that may become necessary in the 12 month period from the date of the medical or the expiry of the medical certificate, whichever is later.

10. You agree that where a referral is necessary, NHS waiting times are typically longer than private sector comparisons which may impact on how quickly any additional information required is received.

11. You agree not to exercise the privileges of your medical certificate if you are in doubt or are aware of any decrease in your medical fitness which renders you unable to safely exercise those privileges.

12. You agree to contact mediciELITE for aeromedical advice without undue delay if you have undergone a surgical operation or invasive procedure; have commenced the regular use of medication; have suffered any significant personal injury or illness involving incapacity to function as a member of the flight crew; are pregnant; have been admitted to hospital or a medical clinic and when you first require correcting lenses.

Your Rights

1. You can change your AME at any time without penalty.

2. mediciELITE will provide aeromedical advice free of charge for existing pilots/ATCOs who have doubt or are aware of a decrease in their medical fitness.

3. Where additional information or investigations are required in order to make a decision about your aeromedical fitness, you will be provided, free of charge, with guidance on how to obtain achieve this.

4. You have the right of appeal where a medical certificate application is rejected.

5. You can also complain about any aspect of the service you receive from us. mediciELITE has a robust complaints process. Please address any complaints in writing to admin@medici-elite.com in the first instance.

6. You have the right to a chaperone at every examination. You can also attend your appointment with a family member or friend. If you require a more formal chaperone, please let us know at the time of your booking. If a formal chaperone is not available, your appointment may have to be rescheduled.